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screenshotI haven’t been in Flash design for a few years so when I decided to put together a useful little Flash interface it was no easy task. What was released today on the site, SongChannels Songwriting Tools & Resources, is only in its early stages. I plan on having many more great songwriter’s videos (and a few of my own showing my Finale Notation software as well) and nifty songwriting tools and links to the best songwriting resources on the web.

I love designing things in Flash and really regret not sticking with it.  It’s quite addicting and great eye candy.  I’ve had my head in Flash the past few days and, though it can be very frustrating at times, it’s exciting to see the results of one’s ideas.  This interface design wasn’t entirely my work of course.  I embellished it and had to figure out ways to make it into a useful interface  I downloaded it from www.FlashKit.com and simply added the various elements I needed to make it work for my site.

We’re living in unique times to be able to do these types of things in our homes.


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