screenshotI haven’t been in Flash design for a few years so when I decided to put together a useful little Flash interface it was no easy task. What was released today on the site, SongChannels Songwriting Tools & Resources, is only in its early stages. I plan on having many more great songwriter’s videos (and a few of my own showing my Finale Notation software as well) and nifty songwriting tools and links to the best songwriting resources on the web.

I love designing things in Flash and really regret not sticking with it.  It’s quite addicting and great eye candy.  I’ve had my head in Flash the past few days and, though it can be very frustrating at times, it’s exciting to see the results of one’s ideas.  This interface design wasn’t entirely my work of course.  I embellished it and had to figure out ways to make it into a useful interface  I downloaded it from www.FlashKit.com and simply added the various elements I needed to make it work for my site.

We’re living in unique times to be able to do these types of things in our homes.


fleetwoodIt always amazes me to read about bands from way back in the days of high school from the 1970’s that are still going on tour. I just read about Fleetwood Mac’s new tour that begins in Northern California on May 20th. Fleetwood Mac’s 80s hit Tell Me Lies is featured on SongChannels top 100 music videos page.

“Legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac will be embarking on their first concert tour in five years and will include all the Macs’ many greatest hits from over the course of one of rock’s most enduring and influential bands of our time.

“We love our band and think the title of the tour “UNLEASHED” perfectly describes how we all feel when we get on stage together – especially in 2009″

Fleetwood Mac’s Event Website

evaWhen I recently revisited Eva Cassidy’s videos I had no idea how huge she had become on YouTube having millions of views. One of my former sites promoted Eva’s music prior to her receiving such worldwide acclaim. I’m happy to learn Eva Cassidy’s masterful singing performances, such as of Songbird and Autumn Leaves, has touched millions of people around the world.

Eva Cassidy died at the age of 33 from melanoma in 1996. Eva was one of the greatest singers who has ever lived in my opinion.

You can find Eva’s performances near the top of the video player located at here on the SongChannels site.

The Late Eva Cassidy on Wikipedia

blogI had a few songs I didn’t know what to do with because they were my earliest and kind of cheesy and over produced. You never know when someone may find some little ring tone useful to their particular situation so I thought I’d upload a few now available on SongChannels’ Audiko page. My former song No Ordinary Woman from 2004 was one of my earliest productions and it sure sounds like it, but I got a few ring tones out of under the title Virtual Lover to make it more interesting.

SongChannels.com has a ring tone page dedicated to several of my songs I won’t ever allow anyone to hear again. Like the one I wrote about a former boss Dana Bashor of Orion Products in the early 90’s in Marina del Rey, CA,  someone I call a Vending King.  Dana became a millionaire selling people around the country a home vending machine business.  He had his CFO writing him a million dollar bonus check back then.

You can create your own ring tone clips at Audiko.net.

karaokeSongChannels.com is in the process of forging alliances as an affiliate of some outstanding music service and Web 2.0 providers such as Brett Manning’s Singing Success site among others.

The conversion of the Internet to advanced Web 2.0 apps is well on its way with the beta testing of several impressive free sites. It’s so exciting all the creative ideas people came up with I thought I’d list a few more links aside from whats on SongChannels to the sites I found particularly helpful, music and non-music:

Make videos on the web with great templates, effects


Karoake on the Internet


Historical Documents on-line


Free on-line Radio Broadcasting


Convert documents on-line


Interactive Charts on-line


There are a ton of new apps in beta testing right now for the new Web. However, please keep in mind according to Alex Joens on http://www.Infowars.com, certain powerful people have plans to kill off the Internet and this all may be moot.

jetplaneThere’s a great new site that allows you to clip any YouTube video and embed it, although WordPress doesn’t recognize it yet.  I thought I’d use this great new tool by TubeChop to make a comment on one of this site’s top pick videos sections. Peter Paul & Mary’s Leavin on a Jet Plane is a dramatic sensitive song from the 60’s. In the middle of the song, the middle mind you, a corporation breaks in to disturb the listener’s enjoyment to promote a hotel. Link to short clip.  It was so tasteless and insensitive to the audience and performers, even back then.  commercialism was taking over. Depending on what mood you may be in, it could come across as funny or sad. The first time I saw it I was horrified.

John Denver’s appearance in this song he wrote was a nice surprise. He has a very sweet voice. For those unware, John Denver died in a plane crash in 1997.

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new music site.  This blog will be highlighting performers featured in the 100 top music video picks page. The reason I started this site was twofold. First, I needed a unique place to feature my vocal recordings and second, to present what I believe are the top classic hits I could find on YouTube. The dawn of the Embedr seamless video player made it possible to place 100 videos in an attractive player. Please feel free to take the player’s code and place it in your blog or website. It’s meant to share.

I’m very excited about this site because I haven’t listened to some of these oldies I recently discovered until just recently. I’ll be blogging about these bands and performers, there whereabouts, and where they may still be performing.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site!

Happy listening,

Cheryl Merrill