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Michael Jackson’s tour in doubt – Boston.com

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Just a little note I’m in the process of migrating a much better blog format and won’t be posting to this one until it’s complete.

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blogI had a few songs I didn’t know what to do with because they were my earliest and kind of cheesy and over produced. You never know when someone may find some little ring tone useful to their particular situation so I thought I’d upload a few now available on SongChannels’ Audiko page. My former song No Ordinary Woman from 2004 was one of my earliest productions and it sure sounds like it, but I got a few ring tones out of under the title Virtual Lover to make it more interesting.

SongChannels.com has a ring tone page dedicated to several of my songs I won’t ever allow anyone to hear again. Like the one I wrote about a former boss Dana Bashor of Orion Products in the early 90’s in Marina del Rey, CA,  someone I call a Vending King.  Dana became a millionaire selling people around the country a home vending machine business.  He had his CFO writing him a million dollar bonus check back then.

You can create your own ring tone clips at Audiko.net.

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karaokeSongChannels.com is in the process of forging alliances as an affiliate of some outstanding music service and Web 2.0 providers such as Brett Manning’s Singing Success site among others.

The conversion of the Internet to advanced Web 2.0 apps is well on its way with the beta testing of several impressive free sites. It’s so exciting all the creative ideas people came up with I thought I’d list a few more links aside from whats on SongChannels to the sites I found particularly helpful, music and non-music:

Make videos on the web with great templates, effects


Karoake on the Internet


Historical Documents on-line


Free on-line Radio Broadcasting


Convert documents on-line


Interactive Charts on-line


There are a ton of new apps in beta testing right now for the new Web. However, please keep in mind according to Alex Joens on http://www.Infowars.com, certain powerful people have plans to kill off the Internet and this all may be moot.

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