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Cole_2Jazz and blues singer Natalie Cole learned that a fan’s love can go a long way after receiving a new kidney after a family offered the perfect biological match of their recently deceased loved one.

“Having heard of Ms. Cole’s need for a kidney, the family asked that one of their loved one’s kidneys be transplanted to Ms. Cole if they were a match,” Mone said.

“Directed organ donations are rare, and rarer still are those directed to someone not related to or known personally by the deceased,” he said.

The donor will remain anonymous until the family gives permission for the name to be made public.

Natalie Cole’s been suffering with Hepatitis C for several years.


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Natalie Cole Recovering from Kidney Surgery

Natalie Cole Recovering from Kidney Surgery

Natalie Cole’s and Whitney Houston’s duo “Say a Little Prayer for You” is a perfect time to highlight as Natalie had kidney surgery today. The video starts out a little weak but is totally recovered by the two diva’s great vocal performances and well worth watching. It’s #24 on the SongChannels Top Picks Music Videos page.

In the mean time, I made sure to say a little prayer for Ms. Cole though I’m agnostic.

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evaWhen I recently revisited Eva Cassidy’s videos I had no idea how huge she had become on YouTube having millions of views. One of my former sites promoted Eva’s music prior to her receiving such worldwide acclaim. I’m happy to learn Eva Cassidy’s masterful singing performances, such as of Songbird and Autumn Leaves, has touched millions of people around the world.

Eva Cassidy died at the age of 33 from melanoma in 1996. Eva was one of the greatest singers who has ever lived in my opinion.

You can find Eva’s performances near the top of the video player located at here on the SongChannels site.

The Late Eva Cassidy on Wikipedia

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