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blogscreenshotThis will be the final post to this WordPress hosted blog as I’ve migrated it over to my SongChannels’ site host.  Here’s a link to the new blog URL.

For those who may have one of my widgets distributing this blog’s content, I’ve since learned all I need to do is change the RSS feed in the widget so for those who have the SongChannels widget,  you don’t need to get the new widget code afterall.

Another side note, I’m also in the process of doing some reworks to my site and a slight redesign. The site will be evolving and won’t remain static so I hope visitors keep returning to see what’s new.  It will definitely be getting a face lift shortly.

Thanks to those who have been visiting!  This blog is officially closed as of 5/27/09.

Best wishes,



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Just a little note I’m in the process of migrating a much better blog format and won’t be posting to this one until it’s complete.

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Cole_2Jazz and blues singer Natalie Cole learned that a fan’s love can go a long way after receiving a new kidney after a family offered the perfect biological match of their recently deceased loved one.

“Having heard of Ms. Cole’s need for a kidney, the family asked that one of their loved one’s kidneys be transplanted to Ms. Cole if they were a match,” Mone said.

“Directed organ donations are rare, and rarer still are those directed to someone not related to or known personally by the deceased,” he said.

The donor will remain anonymous until the family gives permission for the name to be made public.

Natalie Cole’s been suffering with Hepatitis C for several years.

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Natalie Cole Recovering from Kidney Surgery

Natalie Cole Recovering from Kidney Surgery

Natalie Cole’s and Whitney Houston’s duo “Say a Little Prayer for You” is a perfect time to highlight as Natalie had kidney surgery today. The video starts out a little weak but is totally recovered by the two diva’s great vocal performances and well worth watching. It’s #24 on the SongChannels Top Picks Music Videos page.

In the mean time, I made sure to say a little prayer for Ms. Cole though I’m agnostic.

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billboard1I had fun today with Billboard’s great new widgets I placed on SongChannel’s.com’s Top Picks page. Such include Artist Badges of those I want to feature Billboard’s bio’s on.  dione

The Internet has really come a long way from a decade ago when I left web design.  Back tthen the software just wasn’t quite there yet. Today software is abundant and there’s more creativity then ever.  I’m going to eventually really upgrade this site even more.  It’s a lot of fun for me to find all these new tools and gadgets I want to share with visitors.

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lionel-ritchieLionel Ritchie, formerly with the band the 70’s band the Commodores,  has announced his plans to go on tour after the release of his two most recent albums “Going Home and “Just Go”.  Ritchie’s song “Easy” is featured on the SongChannels.com’s Top Music Video Picks.

“We’re trying to finalize whether it’s going to be in the fall or the first of the new year,” he says. “I’ve spent most of my time outside of America for the last three or four years, but the interest is there, so I said, ‘Let’s go back across America again.” Richie expects to announce tour dates during the summer or early fall.

And, he adds, the long-promised Commodores reunion is also in the works. “It’s the No. 1 question we get,” Richie says. “I can honestly tell you before the end of the year, for sure, you’ll hear a rumble. I think now might be the proper time.” – Billboard

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screenshotI haven’t been in Flash design for a few years so when I decided to put together a useful little Flash interface it was no easy task. What was released today on the site, SongChannels Songwriting Tools & Resources, is only in its early stages. I plan on having many more great songwriter’s videos (and a few of my own showing my Finale Notation software as well) and nifty songwriting tools and links to the best songwriting resources on the web.

I love designing things in Flash and really regret not sticking with it.  It’s quite addicting and great eye candy.  I’ve had my head in Flash the past few days and, though it can be very frustrating at times, it’s exciting to see the results of one’s ideas.  This interface design wasn’t entirely my work of course.  I embellished it and had to figure out ways to make it into a useful interface  I downloaded it from www.FlashKit.com and simply added the various elements I needed to make it work for my site.

We’re living in unique times to be able to do these types of things in our homes.

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